Tumor biology reserach

The corner stone of our work and the central expertise of Ulf Kahlert lays in the investigation of molecular networks regulating the behavior of pancreatic cancer and colon cancer, as well as central nervous system cancer glioblastoma.  As the majority of cancer associated death is devoted to treatment failure preventing tumor metastasis, we focus on understanding mechanisms that regulate tumor cell dissemination as well as tumor cell dormancy that allow certain tumor cell populations to overcome therapeutic insults. Based on our mechanistic explorations we develop proof of concepts for new treatment regimens that tackle those clinical unmet needs. The follow subcategories are investigated:

  • Epigenetic regulation of cancer stem cells
  • ZEB1 instructed tumor cell metabolism
  • Glycolipids of cancer stem cell membranes
  • Receptors and membrane channels in tumor cells mediating neuronal signal integration
  • Role of tumor exosomes as scavengers for establishment of distant pre-metastatic niches

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