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Lab members

Thomas Wartman, PhD

Scientific assistance and supervision, regulatory and administrative affairs, special orders and contracts, management of instrument suites

Claudia Arndt, MTLA

head lab technician, quality control, head operator of the stem cell media reactor pipeline

Kim Breutling, MTLA

lab digitalization, histology, cell biology, procedure optimization

Leonora Kulikovskaja, M.Sc.

PhD student - iPSC biology

Thomas Borchert, PhD

personalized iPSC generation and in vitro genome editing

Frederike Weber, MD

surgery resident, Clinician Scientist /EKFS Fellow (hepatic regeneration and malignancies)

Anna Schaufler, M.Sc.

electrical engineer, implant development

Farid Bin Zulkifle

PhD student, iPSC biology

Henry Freundenstein

medical student (full time research year) hepatocellular cancer, ZEB1

Wenjie Shi, MD(China)

research fellow - bioinformatics

Ahmed Sanin, B.Sc.

Medical System Engineering - label-free intraoperative imaging

Marco Strecker

medical student (full time research year), CRC biology

Leon Schmidt

medical student - PDAC liquid biospy