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Lab members

Thomas Wartman, PhD

Lab management and administration

Carey Liu, MD

Visiting scholar - PDAC organoids

Thomas Borchert, PhD

Project scientist - iPS biology

Leonora Kulikovskaja

PhD student - iPS biology

Aris Perrakis, MD

primary patient-derived cell models, biobanking

Wenjie Shi, MD

Project scientist - bioinformatics

Claudia Arndt

- lab technician/ lab manager 2

Ahmed Y Sanin

Master student Medical Systems Technology - fluorescence dyes for labeling cancer stem cells

Anna Schaufler

Medical device engineer

Elham Poonaki

PhD student (shared with Ali Gorji, University Münster, Germany), ZEB1 biology

Frederike Weber, MD

Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung Clinician Scientist - hepatic stem cell biology

Maximilian Dölling, MD

Resident doctor - neutrophil extracellular traps, biobank

Marco Strecker

doctoral student - CR CA ECM biology

Salma Chedly

doctoral student - CR CA ECM biology

Leon Schmidt

doctoral student - miRNA shedding PDAC

Meotaz Labidi

doctroal student - scientific publication quality